Starting in October, 2017, Google’s Chrome browser will display warnings on any web pages that contain an unencrypted webform.

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10 -02
Important news for Drupal users: Drupal 8 is finally coming! Not only does this news mean a new Drupal with new features, but it impacts Drupal 6 users significantly.
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10 -30
It pays to read your email. A recent scam preys on business owners by urgently reminding them to renew their "domain name search engine registration" using language that feels like a domain renewal notice.
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01 -06
How many of you remember long distance "Slamming"?
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06 -11
In Part 3, we prepared for a Drupal website move by pushing your files up to your new hosting account, creating a hosts file entry to allow you to test your new site without impacting your live site, installing Drupal, and restoring and your database. We also covered common items to test, along with how to clear your Drupal cache. In Part 4, we'll finalize the move by updating DNS and telling the world your website now lives at a new server.
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05 -01

In Part 2, we prepared for a Drupal website move by copying all the files and folders that powe

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04 -19

In Part 1, we prepared for a Drupal website move by confirming access to registrar and DNS accounts, installing the Backup an

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04 -18

Have you ever moved a Drupal-powered website? Compared to a static website, the addition of a database, webserver configuration issues, and permissions issues can make the process difficult.

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02 -26
It doesn't matter if you sell QuickBooks, Sage or Dynamics GP - increasing traffic to your website is the name of the game. The best kind of traffic comes from frequent content updates and taking advantage of the right online opportunites. Combined with a professional website image, these tips can make a difference in your bottom line.
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02 -08

Accounting software benefits businesses by providing control over areas such as invoicing, inventory, expenses and money management. Each year more companies turn to programs like Microsoft Dynamics GP or Intuit QuickBooks to get the job done. If you are a reseller of these accounting software programs, then you are already aware of how important it is to distinguish yourself from your online competition. The following are the top mistakes to avoid when selling accounting software online.

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