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  • social media tree
    25 Ideas for Social Media Posts

    So I hear you’ve committed to a presence on social media for your company? Good for you! Social media greatly increases your company’s reach and allows your prospects and customers to consume and share relevant content about your brand. 

    What’s that you say? You committed to posting daily and now you are struggling to find topics to post that frequently? Never fear. Social media content is hiding all over the place.

  • human hand touches robot hand
    Why Marketing Automation Still Requires a Human Touch
    If your business has been struggling to find a consistent method to nurture leads and close the deal, marketing automation systems can appear to be a seamless and efficient solution. And they really can be, as long as you understand some key points about the way they work.
  • Push Marketing
    Inbound Marketing, Explained

    When it comes to your company's online presence today, you should be focused on inbound marketing techniques. Not surprisingly, inbound marketing is the opposite of outbound marketing. Outbound, or traditional marketing is expensive and becoming less effective every year. With the inbound approach, the right prospects are drawn to your website, of their own volition, when they are shopping in your industry. Inbound marketing centers on getting your company found by prospects when they're ready for your products and services.

  • Update Drupal to Protect Your Site from Hackers
    About the Drupal 7 & 8 Highly Critical Update March 28, 2018

    Website security should be at the forefront of any good web hosting company’s mind. Hackers are continually looking for ways to infiltrate websites, gain access to computers or servers, as well as personal information. They never stop. Because they know that all it takes is finding that one little chink in the armor that they can hammer on and force entry.

  • HTTPS required by Chrome
    Latest Chrome Browser Release Will Warn Visitors if Your Site is Not Encrypted
    Starting in October, 2017, Google’s Chrome browser will display warnings on any web pages that contain an unencrypted webform. These include website login pages, blog comment forms and contact us forms.