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About the Drupal 7 & 8 Highly Critical Update March 28, 2018

Website security should be at the forefront of any good web hosting company’s mind. Hackers are continually looking for ways to infiltrate websites, gain access to computers or servers, as well as personal information. They never stop. Because they know that all it takes is finding that one little chink in the armor that they can hammer on and force entry.

Latest Chrome Browser Release Will Warn Visitors if Your Site is Not Encrypted
Starting in October, 2017, Google’s Chrome browser will display warnings on any web pages that contain an unencrypted webform. These include website login pages, blog comment forms and contact us forms.
Move Your Drupal Business Website Without Drama - 4/4
To "move" the site, we need to update A Records in DNS for your domain to resolve to the IP address of your new hosting account. This is the same IP address we used...
Move Your Drupal Business Website Without Drama - 3/4

In Part 2, we prepared for a Drupal website move by copying all the files and folders that power your website to your local hard drive. We then made a back up copy of these files and folders, as well as a back up copy of your database file. In Part 3 we will move these files to a new web host and test them without affecting your live site.


In Part 1, we prepared for a Drupal website move by confirming access to registrar and DNS accounts, installing the Backup and Migrate module and creating a backup of the site database. In Part 2 we'll work with FTP to create a local copy of your website files, and back those files up.

Move Your Drupal Business Website Without Drama - 1/4

Have you ever moved a Drupal-powered website? Say you have upgraded to better Drupal web hosting. Compared to a static website, the addition of a database, webserver configuration issues, and permissions issues can make the moving process difficult. If you've ever started the process of moving a Drupal site, only to be met with a blank page - a.k.a the white screen of death (WSOD) on the new server, you know how frustrating things can get.

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