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Drupal 9 Drops in June: What You Need to Know
If your website is on Drupal, you're likely aware of the much-anticipated release of Drupal 9 slated for June 3, 2020. However, this release isn’t about new features. It implements a change from how Drupal will move from version to version going forward after Drupal 9 is launched.
3 Ways to Boost Your Website Traffic Without Breaking a Sweat
When it comes to bringing in more organic traffic to your website (traffic from unpaid search results) the methods can seem pretty overwhelming. However, ou may be surprised at how a few easy steps can have a significant impact on your website traffic.
The Real Cost of Your Website Being Hacked
When your website Content Management System (CMS) is left unattended without maintenance or updates, it’s like leaving a 5-year-old alone for hours with a bucket of paint – it’s not going to be a pretty picture in the end.
The Differences Between Business Hosting and Shared Hosting – Part 2

In continuation of Part 1 of this post, I am outlining the benefits of business class hosting and exactly what you get for the extra money you pay each month for this service, vs. shared hosting.

The Differences Between Business Hosting and Shared Hosting – Part 1
Starting a business is an exciting time, yet it can also mean a lot of start-up costs. This post will outline the benefits of ‘business class’ hosting and exactly what you get for the amount you pay each month.
5 New Year’s Resolutions for Your Website

It’s a brand new year and the time when most of us reflect on the previous year, attempt to let go of anything weighing us down, and set goals to revamp our lives or business. If you are examining your website and feeling overwhelmed with all the possibilities for change within it, we can help by narrowing your focus to five important areas. 

About the Drupal 7 & 8 Highly Critical Update March 28, 2018

Website security should be at the forefront of any good web hosting company’s mind. Hackers are continually looking for ways to infiltrate websites, gain access to computers or servers, as well as personal information. They never stop. Because they know that all it takes is finding that one little chink in the armor that they can hammer on and force entry.

Latest Chrome Browser Release Will Warn Visitors if Your Site is Not Encrypted
Starting in October, 2017, Google’s Chrome browser will display warnings on any web pages that contain an unencrypted webform. These include website login pages, blog comment forms and contact us forms.
Drupal 8 Release Date Announced: November 19, 2015
Important news for Drupal users: Drupal 8 is finally coming. Not only does this news mean a new Drupal with new features, but it impacts Drupal 6 users significantly.
Move Your Drupal Business Website Without Drama - 4/4
To "move" the site, we need to update A Records in DNS for your domain to resolve to the IP address of your new hosting account. This is the same IP address we used...
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