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  • increasing website traffic
    3 Ways to Boost Your Website Traffic Without Breaking a Sweat
    When it comes to bringing in more organic traffic to your website (traffic from unpaid search results) the methods can seem pretty overwhelming. However, ou may be surprised at how a few easy steps can have a significant impact on your website traffic.
  • importance of webiste security
    The Real Cost of Your Website Being Hacked
    When your website Content Management System (CMS) is left unattended without maintenance or updates, it’s like leaving a 5-year-old alone for hours with a bucket of paint – it’s not going to be a pretty picture in the end.
  • list segmentation for lead generation
    Utilizing List Segmentation and Contact Website Activity for Lead Generation
    In this series we will explore the difference ways you can generate solid leads for your business. In the first lead generation post we discussed ads, chat bots, and forms. In this post we will dive into understanding your leads through contact website activity and list segmentation.
  • lead conversion for more customers
    5 Ways to Capture and Convert Leads on Your Website
    In this series we will explore the difference ways you can generate solid leads for your business. Not all leads are created equal. You want to ensure that the leads you are receiving are qualified and ready for the next step on their buyer journey. You can do this through thoughtful and targeted communications. Leads aren’t much good to you if they aren’t actually interested in your product or service because they misunderstood what the offer was.
  • landing pages attract customers
    5 Elements of an Effective Landing Page
    Once you have created a new piece of content for your website, the hard part is over, right? Not so fast. Before you place the content behind a form on your site you must ensure that your offer is compelling enough for visitors to click through and actually give you their information in exchange for the download. It’s not as easy as it may seem, and in fact can require different rounds of testing before you reach a solid conversion rate.