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Social Media Marketing

Social media, when used effectively, will help tell your story and greatly increase the reach of your marketing efforts

Are you looking for a social media spirit guide? Through a comprehensive review, our experts will not only establish your social media marketing strategy; we will guide you through how to best engage your audience, maximize your time spent, and establish new reach through strategic campaigns. 

The four-step process of this package ensures your social media strategy is being examined holistically, and our coaching will leave you well-equipped to continue on your own.


Social Media Account Audit

Current content assessment including branding effectiveness and engagement levels.

Competitor Analysis

Review of competitor social media accounts, identification of opportunities of content gaps to fill.

Channel Analysis and Recommendations

Research of industry conversation and content across channels. Recommendation of channels that will achieve the most reach.

Analytics and Reporting

Establishment of success metrics, analytics to track and reports to create.