3 SEO Tips for Intuit ProAdvisor Websites

Over the years, Precision Pages has worked with many Intuit Certified ProAdvisors to improve their search engine optimization. For the uninitiated, ProAdvisors are the consultants you call when you need help setting up QuickBooks, configuring a Point of Sale system for your business, or transitioning your company from one accounting system to another.

Like many businesses, a ProAdvisor faces unique challenges when optimizing their website to improve search engine ranking.

The following are three tactics we’ve learned that help ProAdvisors boost their SEO.

1. Focus on Your Local Market

When it comes to selling QuickBooks (and associated consulting services), you can’t compete in the search engines with the likes of Intuit and Amazon. But you can compete in your local market. Add your state and city to your website’s title tag. Also list the cities or areas you serve somewhere on the page, such as in a Contact Us box. Include mention of cities you serve in your content where it makes sense. This way, when a potential customer searches on “QuickBooks Enterprise Akron” you have  a fighting chance (assuming your office is in Akron).

2. Use Specific Product Names

When writing about software, use the full product name at least once in your article (at the beginning). Avoid using the less specific “QuickBooks” when you really mean “QuickBooks Pro”. And if you’re referring to a new feature of QuickBooks Point of Sale 2013, write “QuickBooks Point of Sale 2013” because the full name and version of the software will likely end up in searches by your potential customers.

3. Write Your Own Product Content

Although it’s tempting to simply use Intuit’s content about the QuickBooks product line on your website, take the time to write your own content instead. You know more about the products you sell, and the customers who buy them, than anybody. This is also an opportunity to weave in mention of important factors that can boost your SEO, such as your local market, credentials and industry focus. If you use Intuit’s syndicated content, make sure your specific content appears beside it on the same page.


If you are an Intuit ProAdvisor or accountant and require assistance with your website, internet marketing, or hosting, contact Precision Pages. We’re experienced in your industry and love working with clients like you.

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