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How to Prepare Your Marketing Team for Remote Work Due to Coronavirus
If you aren’t already, you may soon be working from home due to the spread of COVID-19 (Coronavirus). Many companies have already made that decision and many more are preparing for it as we speak. Depending on the size of your company, this might be a complicated thing to execute.
9 Questions Asked of a Website Professional
In this post I highlight the owner of Precision Pages, Matt Ostrowski, and ask him questions about the evolution of the digital world, what people should know about professional website services, and why he prefers a telecaster guitar over others while playing in his band.
5 Content Creation Secrets for Generating Quality Leads
In today’s marketing world it is equally important to be a content creating machine, and a lead generating machine. These two things go hand and hand, but just creating content does not guarantee more leads. You need to create strategic content and, yes, there are quite a few nuances to that.
Utilizing List Segmentation and Contact Website Activity for Lead Generation
In this series we will explore the difference ways you can generate solid leads for your business. In the first lead generation post we discussed ads, chat bots, and forms. In this post we will dive into understanding your leads through contact website activity and list segmentation.
5 Ways to Capture and Convert Leads on Your Website
In this series we will explore the difference ways you can generate solid leads for your business. Not all leads are created equal. You want to ensure that the leads you are receiving are qualified and ready for the next step on their buyer journey. You can do this through thoughtful and targeted communications. Leads aren’t much good to you if they aren’t actually interested in your product or service because they misunderstood what the offer was.
5 Elements of an Effective Landing Page
Once you have created a new piece of content for your website, the hard part is over, right? Not so fast. Before you place the content behind a form on your site you must ensure that your offer is compelling enough for visitors to click through and actually give you their information in exchange for the download. It’s not as easy as it may seem, and in fact can require different rounds of testing before you reach a solid conversion rate.
A Day in the Life of an Inbound Marketer
Okay, so you know what Inbound Marketing means, but do you feel a little lost when it comes to executing the practice on a daily basis? If you were living and breathing it regularly and it became second nature, what would that look like?
5 New Year’s Resolutions for Your Website

It’s a brand new year and the time when most of us reflect on the previous year, attempt to let go of anything weighing us down, and set goals to revamp our lives or business. If you are examining your website and feeling overwhelmed with all the possibilities for change within it, we can help by narrowing your focus to five important areas. 

How to Stamp Your Brand Identity Into Your Instagram Account

If you are on Instagram for personal use the chances are high that you follow at least one of your favorite and trusted brands, if not many. Did you know that roughly 53% of Instagram users follow their favorite brand on the platform? (Source: Buffer) This not only makes Instagram a target rich environment for advertising, but also for building brand identity.

25 Ideas for Social Media Posts
So I hear you’ve committed to a presence on social media for your company? Good for you! Social media greatly increases your company’s reach and allows your prospects and customers to consume and share relevant content about your brand. 
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