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Web Design

Website Design

Your website is likely the first place potential customers interact with your company. Done right, it’s an extension of your brand that works for you 24 hours a day.

Your website can be a full featured, multi-media content publishing engine that you control. But above all, your website must perform as the number one tool for reaching your audience, and creating leads.

To generate ROI, it is critical that your website design be driven by your business goals. Precision Pages works with you to understand your business and your audience before beginning any web design project.

Our Web Design Process

  1. Understand Your Business - A great website can’t be built without first understanding the problems it must solve.     
  2. Goal Setting - Success means different things to different businesses. We work with you to set goals that matter to you and help you achieve them.     
  3. Audience Profiling - We work with you and your data to understand your audience - critical to building a website they will love.     
  4. Competitive Analysis - Sizing up the competition is an important step in the creation of a winning website.     
  5. Content Strategy - Content types and examples must be defined before web design and development can begin.     
  6. Design Candidates - We present multiple designs to spark discussion and improvement.     
  7. Testing - Your website is only effective if it has been proven to work in the browsers and devices used by your audience.

Our Web Design Phases

PHASE 1: Planning, Strategy and Discovery

  • Create wireframes (blueprints) for home page and key internal pages
  • Identify any special mobile behavior in a wireframe
  • Create a detailed sitemap illustrating the desired navigation
  • Identify content that is being migrated from existing site
  • Identify missing content that must be created

PHASE 2: Design

  • Direct consultation with an experienced, vetted designer to discuss branding, goals and look and feel
  • Three distinct website design concepts
  • Up to two rounds of revisions
  • A complete, mobile friendly, responsive website from the selected design

PHASE 3: Build, Migrate and Integrations

  • Create a development and test environment
  • Create a new website
  • Migrate content from existing site
  • Test in multiple browsers and mobile

PHASE 4: Training and Support

  • Two training sessions
  • 30-day support package