Precision Pages Launches Video Series “Marketers Who Speak Geek”

At Precision Pages, we love to teach just as much as we love to keep learning. We enjoy sharing our knowledge of tech subjects and digital marketing with business owners and their staff. That’s why we created a video series focused on distilling modern tech topics for today’s businesses.

We call it Marketers Who Speak Geek, and we’re here to break down complex topics like website hosting, SEO, and website development into easy-to-digest clips. Each video is under a minute and half and plainly explains the topic.

We don’t believe in holding concepts close to our chests, or hiding behind convoluted tech speak. We want you to understand what we do for you, why we do it, and the outcomes to expect.

Our first series of videos focuses on website hosting:

  1. What is Website Hosting?
  2. Why a Neglected Website is Like a Ticking Time Bomb
  3. What is Fully Managed Website Hosting?


What is Website Hosting?

web hosting video cover

Web hosting services may seem like a great mystery to a business owner, as do the associated costs. We’re here to remove the veil and tell you exactly how web hosting works, explain associated terms, and break down the three most common types of web hosting. Along the way, we’ll share how reputable, reliable hosting actually helps the long-term health of your website and brand.
Know and understand what you are getting with the level of web hosting you choose so there are no surprises. All web hosting is not created equal.


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Why a Neglected Website is Like a Ticking Time Bomb

Neglected website warning videoIt’s crucial that business owners know who is responsible for their website maintenance and updates. Many web hosting services do not provide this level of attention and the burden falls to the business owner or someone in IT or marketing within the company. But what happens if no one is maintaining the site and ensuring it’s updated?

Learn about the security issues that can arise with a neglected website, the consequences of a site hack, why regular site backups are important, and how fully managed web hosting ensures a website doesn’t go up in flames.

View Video: Why a Neglected Website is Like a Ticking Time Bomb

What is Fully Managed Website Hosting?

Fully managed hosting videoA website is one of those things that just needs to ‘work’, one hundred percent of the time. An online presence is vital for a company, whether they are B2C, B2B, or non-profit. Potential customers are discerning, have many choices, and will judge a book by its cover, or in this case, a business by its website. Websites are like cars; they need regular maintenance to keep running at optimal performance and remain safe. This kind of detailed attention is called fully managed website hosting and maintenance.

Learn what this type of hosting typically includes such as support, expertise, security measures, and site backups—all things that provide peace of mind to busy business owners.

View Video: What is Fully Managed Website Hosting?


Look for more topics coming soon such as, What is SEO? How Does Content Marketing Work? Is your WordPress Site a Mess? Let us know which topics you would like us to cover!

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