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Search Engine Optimization

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Your website floats in the sea of the vast internet. Strategic site optimization ensures you will be found by the customers that need you.

Are you disappointed in your website traffic? If your site content is not optimized for search engines your potential customers are never even given the chance to find your company. Precision Pages will help you shore up your existing site content and improve your findability. In addition to a comprehensive review of the SEO of your site, our staff will rewrite old content and create new content, so that you can focus on your business operations and watch your site traffic grow.

Precision Pages Search Engine Optimization services are designed to be a continual process that contributes to the growth and success of your website and business. Industry trends and buying behavior should be repeatedly assessed, and the content on the site kept fresh and relevant. Let our staff keep a close watch on your site traffic and trends while you focus on building your business. View our Digital Marketing Packages and find the right solution for your business.

SEO Process Flow

SEO Site Audit

Review of existing content, meta data and current traffic patterns.

Keyword Research

Research into industry keywords and search terms used by your audience.

Content Tune Up

Rewriting of portions of content to include keywords and improve performance of page.

Content Writing

Writing of new content for pages and blog posts.