The Differences Between Business Hosting and Shared Hosting – Part 2

In continuation of Part 1 of this post, I am outlining the benefits of business class hosting and exactly what you get for the extra money you pay each month for this service, vs. shared hosting.

Your Hosting Choice Affects Your Search Ranking

Were you aware that a reputable host is good for your Search Engine Optimization? Reputable companies tied to your site are a ranking factor in search. If you go with cheap, shared hosting, Google knows! But if you are using a reputable host, Google knows that too! And guess what? Google cares because the hosting influences the customer’s experience. In addition, having an https (secure) site is a ranking factor. A good hosting partner will offer https as part of the package.

Caching & Content Delivery Network

Another benefit of business class hosting are the advanced tools that make your website load quickly and reliably. For example, Precision Pages uses a global Content Delivery Network (CDN) with more than 60 locations where site pages and assets are cached. This ensures your Drupal or WordPress site loads quickly, regardless of where the end user is located. This prevents lag time by loading the site from the nearest server. For example, when a user in Japan visits a site, you don’t want the site loading from somewhere on the US east coast. Additionally, if there’s a problem somewhere, it’s limited to one point of presence, not all of them, which is just more insulation against inevitable hardware failure downtime.

Site Performance and Security

A common problem with shared hosting is that your site’s performance can be impacted by other sites on the same server as yours. You don’t have control over who your neighbors are and what they are doing; one could be a resource hog and your site’s performance will suffer. Another neighbor might send a lot of SPAM, which can impact others on the same server, depending on configuration. Conversely, if your site always loads quickly, the customer experience is better. And P.S., anything that is good for user experience is also good for search ranking. Business hosting ensures a finer level of control over environmental variables on the server. The servers are cared for and there is an important level of security for the OS of the server itself.

One of the realities of a modern CMS like WordPress or Drupal is that if you don’t keep it patched in a timely fashion, the site will be hacked. And if your site accepts credit cards, this is especially important. Bottom line: you want a hosting partner who handles the security portion well and is keeping an eye out for updates and patches. For many of the big, shared hosting companies, this is just not part of what they offer.

In a Relationship. . . With Your Hosting Partner

When it comes to your business, you want a reliable, reputable, and responsible company hosting your website. A good hosting and maintenance partner provides you with peace of mind, excellent up-time, less frustration, and staff who care about your business and your experience. At Precision Pages, we will be responsible for your site. Always. We are in your corner, and will be your go-to partner for all your website needs.

In conclusion, there are use cases for shared hosting; it is sufficient for personal blogs and websites. However if your website is representing your business and making you money, it’s appropriate to invest in business class hosting.
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