How to Quickly Spot Phishing Scams

The probability that you have received a phishing scam email at some point is very high. They are so prevalent that we almost expect to see them when we open our inbox now. Even though we know the major warning signs, scammers are getting trickier and trickier at fooling even the best of us. Below is an actual phishing email that one of our clients received. We break it down and point out each of the warning signs that this is not a legitimate email from Microsoft. This will help you quickly skim emails and delete those scams faster so you can move on with your inbox.

Phishing Email Example

Scammers will try any way to get to you, and they are taking advantage of the fact that many of us place and receive phone calls through our computers now. And sometimes even the legitimate voicemails that come through our email are somewhat vague-looking in appearance. So the bad guys take advantage of that fact and attempt to appear as a voice message waiting to be heard, as seen below.

Phishing Email Example

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