A Day in the Life of an Inbound Marketer

Okay, so you know what Inbound Marketing means, but do you feel a little lost when it comes to executing the practice on a daily basis? If you were living and breathing it regularly and it became second nature, what would that look like?

Let’s take a peek into the daily activities that an inbound marketer tackles in order to consistently and efficiently grow a business.

8:00am: Reads latest local news on social media while getting ready. Caffeine ramp-up and commute. Serious questioning of footwear choice as flash snowstorm blows in.

8:30am: Adds new landing page to website with compelling offer and call-to-action. Utilizes insights from recent SEO work that was done

9:30am: Schedules out posts on social media, following a content calendar and according to which product or service is the current focus.

10:00am: Responds to comments and questions on social media feeds; interacts with followers.

10:15am: Break time. More caffeine. Snack from break room. Spirited conversation about Black Mirror Bandersnatch in hallway with coworker.

10:30am: Checks the metrics of web traffic, analyzes which landing pages have the best conversion rates, notices which ones don’t – adjusts the offer or language. Takes note of the days and times of recent blog posts that have garnered the most attention, and which topics facilitate engagement. Runs report to show to management.

10:50am: Creates and sends an e-Newsletter out to subscriber list–those who have given their contact info through forms on the site.

12:00pm: Lunch out with coworkers. Regrets committing to all the sushi that was ordered.

1:00pm: Checks industry news, websites, social channels. Reads up on latest trends in digital marketing. Shares relevant article on social channels.

1:30pm: Contacts new leads that came in from calls to action on the website, schedules consultations with each to understand their needs.

3:00pm: Break time. Short game of hallway bowling with coworkers.

3:15pm: Works on writing an eBook on a trending topic, which will be added to a landing page behind a form.

4:30pm: Wraps up a blog post when pending quotes from an industry expert come in; adding to the relevance and thought leadership of the post.

5:30pm: Removes inbound marketer hat and goes home.

7:45pm: Puts inbound marketing hat back on when comments and questions pile up on latest social media post. Apologizes to significant other and promises to put work away soon.

These are the types of activities that make up an effective marketing mix and make a difference in pulling leads to you. Provide content that is interesting, thought-provoking, educational, witty and compelling, and people will begin to trust your company’s voice. Before long they are sharing your content to their circle. And when the time comes that they are in need of your product or services, they will not even question to whom to look. 

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