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  • Drupal Powers ProAdvisor Websites
    Why Drupal is the Best Choice for an Intuit ProAdvisor Website

    Given the number of great open source choices, it's a good idea to use a content management system for your Intuit ProAdvisor website. But which content management system? And why?

  • QuickBooks SEO
    3 SEO Tips for Intuit ProAdvisor Websites

    Over the years, Precision Pages has worked with many Intuit Certified ProAdvisors to improve their search engine optimization. For the uninitiated, ProAdvisors are the consultants you call when you need help setting up QuickBooks, configuring a Point of Sale system for your business, or transitioning your company from one accounting system to another.

    Like many businesses, a ProAdvisor faces unique challenges when optimizing their website to improve search engine ranking.

    The following are three tactics we've learned that help ProAdvisors boost their SEO.