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  • bullseye
    How to Start Generating Leads with the HubSpot CRM

    Your website can be a lead generating machine for you–if set up properly and strategically. Churning out fresh, compelling content on your website is the first step in Inbound Marketing and pulling your target audience to you. Once visitors have come to digest your content, you want them to take the next step and convert to a lead.

  • you got this
    Small Business Marketing During Tough Times: 5 No Cost Things You Can Do
    In times of crisis, such as a global pandemic, one of the first costs that companies cut is often their marketing budget. They may turn their focus and dollars to customer retention, and unpaid and organic avenues of marketing. This is an especially hard decision if you’re a small business owner and you need to save money when business has slowed way down.
  • crm
    5 Ways Non-profits and Government Agencies Can Use a CRM
    Some people view a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system as something only B2C or B2B companies need. However, non-profit organizations and government agencies can see a lot of benefit from a CRM, and it may surprise you how they can use it.
  • social media
    Achieving the Right Balance of Content in Your Social Media Feed
    Social media is a necessity for promoting a business, yet there is a right way and a wrong way to go about it. Strike the wrong note again and again you will not only fail to gain followers, but you will slowly lose the ones you have. The best way to ensure success is just like many other things in business: through strategy.
  • ecommerce
    What to Do Before You Add e-Commerce to Your Website

    When the Coronavirus pandemic hit the US, and shops closed their doors, it forced many business owners to re-evaluate their business model. Knowing they would be closed for months had small companies scrambling for creative solutions to keep sales afloat. For some, this meant online orders and curbside pickup. For others, it meant overhauling their website and making it work in new ways for their sales.